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Stock SAI/FRP tune


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This thread was inspired by a question posted in another thread here. Since it wasn't a bone stock SGT question, thought I'd snip it and start a new thread.

Further, I would like to hear from others in terms of whether they fool around with the SAI tune at all. Jim


Jim...One of the first things I did with my SGT was to have the tune examined by a professional tuner on a dyno. I know this isn't cheap, but it's good insurance. Knowing my base line is always where I start.


My dyno results are in my sig and I'm not disappointed with the RW truth. In fact, I'm rather proud. My bone stock 4V Marauder delivered only 240 RWHP, and 250 RWTQ, and the Marauder was a 4500 pound car. Very disappointing.


Corey Simpson of Simpson Racing (a local racing/tuning legend) looked over all the changes in the SAI/Ford Racing tune over the stock Ford Mustang GT tune, and briefly, he said it looks like a perfect tune for this car. Just running a tad rich.


Prolly for safety reasons, IMHO. Once the SGT leaves Vegas, it can wind up anywhere in the world, and the tune must protect the owner from engine damage in a grand variety of conditions, i.e. seasonal temps, altitude, octane availability, and so on.


Corey promised he could pull a few more ponies out if it easy enough, maybe 300 RWHP, 325 RWTQ, but I would have to stick to mandatory 93 octane or better, bring my engine temps down to 180, and change out the spark plugs to something cooler, like Denzo IT20/22s. Other than that, (his words now) "it's a very well thought out tune, get the job done nicely"


Comments, gents?

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I will be taking my car to Brent Hughes at Dyno tuned performance. He's supposed to be a great tuner. Dig_it has mentioned waiting until it got hotter to take it to him, so that car is optimally tuned for warmer weather.


My question is: Will a car tend to run richer or leaner on a cold day vs or warm day. i.e. if I got it custom tuned on a cool day, would the car become richer/leaner when operated in the summer?

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Will a car tend to run richer or leaner on a cold day vs or warm day. i.e. if I got it custom tuned on a cool day, would the car become richer/leaner when operated in the summer?


Yes, and no. Maybe?


You are asking about the "adaptive learning" que of the EEC. It stores up to 300 hours of drive time for referrence to local conditions optimal to your situation.


Example...If your car is ordinarilly operated in a tropical climate, maybe FL., AZ., or CA., the EEC will build a file of tunes adaptable to your local climate. This is to say that if it's 70 degrees in the early AM when you're driving to work, but 100 degrees when you are driving home in the late afternoon, the EEC's "adaptive memory bank" will have a correct tune on hand and respond faster than you can imagine.


OTOH, if you drop ship your car from Boston to Vegas in December, your EEC will be very confused and it could take some time for the EEC to sort it all out. Your car will run like snit in Vegas, unitl you do some WOT on-ramp runs. But, it will adapt. Eventually. And, you will have the same problem once the car is dropped shipped back to Boston in the same month.


NOTE: Every time you flashover your EEC with a new tune, all previouse adaptive learning files are erased, the pool of 411 is empty. This is the same as disconnecting your battery for longer that 15 minutes, because the memory banks wash out when they lose power. Thus, y'all who put up your car for the winter season and pull the battery, will also have some tune issues to address in the spring. Nonetheless, all of them are immediately corrected by some WOT on-ramp blasts through the gears.


In the old days, we used to call this "blowing out the carbon" because that's what were were doing. Burning off carbon deposits built up on valves and piston tops from sissy driving through the snow season. We don't have to do this today, our engines are very much improved. However, this practice (in theory) remains valuable for us us today and basically, for the same reasons. Today, you're just reminding/rebuilding the EEC adaptive memory with fuel pressure, spark, timing advance and engine temps after a full power run, under the conditions the car is being operated.


Either way, it's fun to get on it every so often, yes? And, it doesn't hurt anything. Anytime you feel your SGT is operating sluggish, or, poorly, head for your local I-whatever and wind out some gears. The SGT will be much more pleasing of a drive after you do.


IMHO...Just my .02C. Carry on, gents.

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