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Merry Christmas to me......


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I couldnot believe it this morning....yesterdays continuous downpour dropped over 4 inches of rain on us....all the snow and more importantly ALL THE SALT was washed off the roads.


Finished my chores this morning and had an errand to run.....off came the cover, grabbed those FORD kEYS, OPENED THE GARAGE DOOR AND FIRED THAT BABY UP!


Oh, what a sweet sound, rejoice I screamed for the Kingdom of Heaven is upon us!

Praise the Lord. ..I am going for a ride in my Shelby.

And off I went, into the bright sunshine, smacking gears and having more fun than a person should be allowed to have....gigling all the way,


Merry Christmas Everyone.

She is back sleeping under the cover, but what a morning it was.

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Drove mine today also, as the roads are finally dry and clean. First time it's been out of the garage in two weeks. Made me wish i lived south where the snow don't fly.

Came home and washed the salt off the wife's Mustang. Should of done my pickup also but didn't have it in me. The hell of it is, the worst is yet to come, winter is just getting started. :angry:

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