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I wanted to give a brief review of the new exhaust system I installed yesterday.


Magnaflow Tru-X high flow cats

Magnaflow 3" Magnapac cat back


Installation of the cat back was VERY simple. All brackets etc. lined up perfectly. No clearance or rattling issues at all with the 3" cat to muffler pipes. The Magna pack mufflers are a work of art. Polished stainless and EXACT 4" rear polished exhaust tips. All of the pipe is mandrel bent providing a smooth unrestricted exit of exhaust gases. They are also a beauty to behold. The bevel on the exhaust tips matches the FPP units. The mufflers are the 6" tube type mufflers and provide a deeper, louder, tone. Not aggressive enough to make the sound uncomfortable, but somewhat louder. At idle, just a tone deeper than the FPP units.


The hi-flow Tru-X w/cats was another story. Looks like R&D at Magnaflow needs to do a little more work on the rear hanger located on the transmission crossmember. On the stock unit the hanger rod is bent downward then in. On the Magnaflow piece they are welded almost straight across. This resulted in the hanger rod being less than 1/2" from the transmission crossmember bolt. As soon as we started the car you could hear the rattle of the hanger pin on the bolt head. Heating the rod and bending slightly downward provided the clearance needed to avoid the rattle.


The total installation took about 1 hr. that included the benidng of the 2 hangers and a test ride.


Impression: Driving seat of the pants, the engine was breathing much easier and a quicker wind up thought the gears. It seemed to free a choked motor. The 3" was selected specificly due to the SC. When I was at SAI this fall I had the opportunity to hear the Super Snake Proto Type and this sounds VERY similar. The interior noise did increase but you can still carry on a conversation without shouting and hear the radio at the same time without blowing your ear drums.


I am very happy with the overall result of the sounds and have been extremly satisfided with the quality of the product. Can't wait to get it on the road to LA. :D

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