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1221 In the house Vista Blue (750 cabelas gift card?)


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Sorry two post at once. Picked up the wifes 08 Shelby last night nice car. We ordered this car awhile ago and thought it would never get here.

Anyway as we were closing the deal our sales guy says hey I filled out your info for your Cabelas gift card $750.00 wow that is cool. Wish we would have got it a month ago to do Xmass shopping with oh well I will just have to spend it on me darn,anyone else hear of this.


Anyway for those of you in CA. Email me for the name of the Dealer I used best price I could get and I called from San Diego to the Oregon Border and cheaper than Ebay prices.


It is two brothers on a small lot that does a lot of orders. I f you are thinking of getting a Ford in Ca it is worth a call.

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