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Question about the CS Registry


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I've done a lot of reading through the forum - I've seen a lot about supercharging and the issue of the Stripe for the GT/SC and it only being available if mods are done at SAI. This is more pertaining to modifications I do and modifactions done at SAI and the integrity of the registry.



I just got my 08 SGT in November - bought it off the dealership showroom floor. I am now looking into some modifications and not really sure how to go about it.


1) SAI Installed Paxton S/C (I want the "Shelby GT/SC" Stripe on mine)


Obviously, I understand this HAS to be done at SAI in order to get the GT/SC stripe. I plan to send mine back for this modification sometime down the road after my $$$ rebounds from buying the car. I know that I could just put a Ford Racing S/C on it at the local ford dealer and do some other modifications that way aswell, but I want to do it the 'right' way if that makes sense.


What my main question is is this - what modifications can I do myself and what modifications should I have done at SAI??? I want to be sure to protect the integrity of my SGT's info on the CS Registry if that makes any sense.


2) Should I have any/all mods done at SAI at the same time? Wwill they then be entered into the Registry?




3) Can I do some of the little things by purchasing the parts from SPP and installing myself.....

(ie: Lwr Billet Grille insert, Lwr Lamps/Vents, 20" Razors/Tires, Brake upgrades)


If doing things myself - obviously wouldn't be on the registry - right???


Does anyone in the forum have some guidence/advice for a newbie like me????

Take a look at the list of future mods I'm thinkin about in my signature block belowand tell me what y'all think ;)



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I am not sure on this, but I do think it has been mentioned by Amy and Bud that you would be able to update modifications for the registry. For the SC stripe it is exclusive to the SAI mod. And if you have been reading the forum threads, the Paxton retains the strut tower brace.


Nice selection for your mods, it will be a beauty.

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