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I talked with SAI about warranties....

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I spoke to Doug at SAI earlier this week about questions related to warranties. I have a 7 yr/70000 mile warranty from Ford I purchased with my GT500. My take from our conversation is:


That extended warranty will remain valid on my car but will be superceded by the warranties given on the mods by the specific manufacturer of the specific pieces. In general, they will probably be around a 1 yr warranty on the parts, with the labor either being not covered or maybe only for 90 days. None of this if firm mind you as he stated they originally were trying for a longer warranty period (like 3 yrs), but will probably only do what the parts guys will give.


So if a wiper motor goes out, it should be covered by the Ford warranty. If a brake problem occurs, Baer will cover parts per their warranty which should be for 12 months only, and may only be to supply new parts, not to install them. Obviously when we get to superchargers, it will get more grey. Ford may blame any engine problem on the supercharger, so each situation will be its own battle with Ford.


Doug did say we will take our cars to Ford for service and for them to decide if warranty coverage is allowed or not. Shelby will be supportive on this and work with getting the parts guys to cover their stuff but overall I probably wasted money getting the extended warranty and will not count on much when things go wrong. He did say they are working with Kenny Bell to get that unit covered as well, but it will be up to K.B. ultimately, stay tuned.


As far as status on production, he stated they still have NOT started any mods and will probably only have a few completed by year end. Sounds like the GT500KR will be pushed out a few months which won't help our situation on Super Snake mods. I told him I had 'guessed' around April for my date (number 278) which he said sounded reasonable. Mods will not necessarily be done in order. It will be based on people's availability to get their cars there, etc. Sounds like they call you in order, then things get readjusted as fits the schedule.


Overall, I still beam ear to ear everytime I drive my car, have no regrets at all, and look forward to my Snake.



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