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Warranty Info Request


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All this talk of 600 vs 725 hp, warranty or no warranty. Does anyone know the actual details? First off, I have a 7 yr/70k miles warranty. How does it carry over to Super Snake even with the 600 hp version? Where do we go for warrany service? And then, if I go for the 'no-warranty' 725 hp, what happens to the 7/70 I have. By this I mean is the entire warranty invalid? Or is it just the supercharger upgrade and the gray zone of the rest of the engine that would not be warranted?


It would be great to understand all this to help with a decision, but I have stopped asking SAI for info lately cuz its too frustrating to never get any real answers.


So, anyone have info on:

1) warranty details?

2) any update on build schedule to lead to a better guess at my date?

3) still looking for a good cover to use inside the garage. part # details, where to get, etc.


Thanx to all you crazy Shelby brethren............




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