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Need help? Got some nagging questions about what's going on with your 2007 SGT? Want to help your dealership figure it out? Try this...




This is a link to the Helm's directories. The "big red books" as I call them. Every F/LM dealer has such a library, but sometimes not so complete. My SGT is serviced by a L/M dealership, not my selling FMC dealership, so, I would expect them to have questions when the topic is base Mustang stuff.


These books collect together and document all the specifications and repair proceedures for our 2007 SGTs. They are not SGT specific, rather they cover all 2007 Mustang and Mustang GTs. Since our SGTs are built on Mustang foundations, all the areas not shared with, or, modified by Shelby, are covered. Emissions, electrical, powertrain, fuel supply, base suspension, and so on. Everything.


I have been a fan of Helm's books for over 20 years and I have never been disappointed by the 411 gleaned from them, or, my investment in this material. The resale of this data at a later date as books alone, or, as inclusion in a complete "car-for-sale" offer, my money has always come back to me.


If you are a die-hard Ford owner, why not read up on the same 411 your dealer's wrench will be reading before you visit the service department? Don't rely on the 'net and other Mustang web sites for the correct info, get it from Ford direct, and word for word. Works for me...


BTW, this isn't cheap. My complete 2007 Mustang/Mustang GT order cost me 350 bucks with shipping. But, I have learned in the past (even when not breaking something) that these books are worth this investment. There is stuff in here many of you have never imagined knowing, and many of y'all will immediately benefit from. I should also mention that it's available on DVD as well, but I prefer to page through a book. Call me old school?


Suggestion...If 4 or 5 of y'all are in close proximity to each other, split the cost of one set of books. If y'all are in any Mustang/Shelby car club, ask the club buy one set of books for loan-out as needed.


I don't enjoy such "family" luck, but in my last street/race car adventure, premier race car builders Zack Mc Grath and Mike Lopez relied on my "big red books" to get my Marauder into the 11s. What more can I say?


I won't be shy about looking up stuff for y'all if you ask, but my books won't be here for 7 to 10 days from this post, so, give me some time to organize the data before you ask.


Be safe, and happy motoring ladies and gents.

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