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Back in late 2005/early 2006, I wanted this so bad that I started ordering parts from Ford Racing, and twisting arms at Sutton Ford for assembly and tuning. It would have happened had I not fell ill and needed a break from high speed life.






Good Lord! Imagine if you can, a Focus hatchback/sedan with a 2003-04 SVT Cobra RWD powertrain.


500+ RWHP in a 2800 pound automobile, and everything looking factory fresh "stock". Everything you would need is listed in the 2006 Ford Racing catalogue, page 188. Hell, find a Mach I powertrain for that matter, you're still kicking azz...


I estimated my financial investment would be under 40 large for a street legal driver. I suppose it can still be done with a 2008 Focus donor car, but now that I have LuLu, I am not inclinded to pursue this at the present time.


"Blows" one's mind, eh?

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