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I have got some ideas,Tell me what you think,Be honest,As if!


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OK,I really liked the early cars that came with a pop open gas cap,Some Mach I's used to have them.Does anybody make one for our cars,Yes it would probably cover the trunk lock,And require fasteners,And be redundant,BUT,It would be really good looking,Brushed aluminum please! Someone mentioned a POWERED BY FORD cap outer ring,Killer idea! Any reason that somebody couldn't make one out of aluminum,Machined not stamped,And sell them less center badge,Apply your own?These are ideas that are not Shelby GT specific,So someone could possibly make these and have a HUGE MARKET!Mustangs are everywhere!Just a thought flame away!BTW this thread is not here to take away from our gas cap poll,So please don't view it as such,Just an idea that I think could make someone some serious money!

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