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Winterizing tires


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Yup. More stable. Only thing I don't like is they put green valve stem caps to indicate that they are Nitrogenn filled.


Here is a great article on the switch to NO2.





Thanks for the info Roger-I guess i could always switch the stem caps back after.

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I'm undecided. Air is 78% Nitrogen already and the last time I checked, an air gauge was .99 at Wal-Mart or free from a lot of large tire shops.

I'd like to see Mythbusters do an episode on Nitrogen filled tires. More Nitrogen can be compressed into an area than standard air but only because it's a smaller molecule. In my experience, smaller molecule = more prone to leakage.

Like I said, just my opinion.


Why not Helium and shave a pew pounds off the car? :D

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