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Well, after deciding to pass on the car i ordered do to a work slowdown, and then getting a call from my dealer (baiting me some more) saying 07's were finally A-plan qualified, it's home. The price was to good to pass up. They hadn't sold the car i ordered so i got the one i wanted, except the lower grill and driving light option. That went by the wayside after i passed on it while it was still at SAI. After sitting out in the desert for however long it was there, and sitting outside on the dealers lot for a couple of months, it faired pretty well. There are three spots on the pass. side that have light scratch and scuff marks they said they will take care of. Typical black car, in the sunlight any minor imperfections jump out and slap you in the face.

Part of the original deal was to swap the black wheels out for the polished wheels like my wife's 06 GT, so they are going to schedule that later next week. Can't help myself i like a little bling. :D


We had a lot to do yesterday and had our grandson, so all i got were a few quick garage shots that probably aren't worth posting, but what the heck. After the wheels get swapped i will get some better pics.

Oh and i know my garage floor looks crummy :P i'm getting ready to cover it with epoxy or rubber matting.











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Congratulations! It looks super. Can't wait to see it with the polished wheels on it. If you can, take a "before" photo and an "after" photo taken in the same location, same angle -- you know. Great to have you as one of the "delivered" ones. Jim :)

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