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Where is car # 386


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Does anyone know the whereabouts of #386? This car was at the Hertz location at the Las Vegas airport.



Hello Larry,

I am the happy owner of 386. Just got it to it's new home here in Texas a few days ago. Nice clean car and a good runner. I am a car user, not a car dealer. Out of the four I own, I think 386 might be the fastest. Hard to tell because they are all so close. I bought all my cars from "Hertz World" ( forum name), a dealer in Victorville, Calif by the name of Aloha Systems. They cut a fair price and were true to their word. All cars were as good or better than described. I have them on notice for a fifth car now. I drove # 6H0206 home from Calif. and turned a 1500 mile trip into a 2400 mile trip and had a smile on my face the whole way.Just me and my Shelby and the long way home.


I have been in touch with the Hertz Corp. and they are sending me all the orginal paperwork on the car. Also, the guys at the Shelby factory in Vegas have been extremely helpful in providing me with the first owner information and packet. I owned an orginal 1966 GT 350 H ( 6S 0671)for about 5 years, and spent untold hours trying to piece together the history. Hertz and Shelby have bent over backwards to help me preserve the history and hertiage of these wonderful cars. Be that history as it may, I still plan on driving the **** out of them and doing what they were made to do. Nothing like a small block ford at 6 grand through the evening desert air to put a smile on your face. Go fast and grin.

Tom G

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