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stainless exhaust?


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i was wondering if the shelbys have stainless exhaust? i know its probly a dumb question but its hard to see under my car. i know the headers arent stainless if i remember right.

and if not, just wondered if anyone was goin to change to a stainless exhaust in the future? and what aftermarket company they would go with? i know u guys on the east coast would like stainless.

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I believe the entire system is stainless steel except the exhause headers, which are cast-iron.


ok i didnt know for sure...

i thought it looked stainless from what i could see in the back part behind the axle.

i'm glad its all stainless then excep headers ^_^ ....i guess they make cars that way now. my 2000 tundra has stainless too.

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