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Hood Scoop Installation Question.


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Today, I got 2 packages; one from UPS and the other from my dealer. My 1:18 scale die-cast Shelby GT is really detailed except for the automatic. And my dealer called and said my 4th hood scoop is in along with 26 rivets. I inspected the replacement scoop and I can understand how the bolts are next to worthless. The metal clips they screw through are attached to a flimsy rubber-like flange that will flex as soon as any torque is applied.


SAI's instructions to the dealer allows 2 1/2 hours for the fix and if they scew it up, it's on the dealer. Why is this called a temporary fix and where is the permanent fix. Has anyone had the new hood scoop "fix" done?

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Crucible, We are working on the best fix for this situation. The scoop we just sent out, if installed properly, will take care of your issue. Please let me know how this turns out. -John



Maybe you've answered this before somewhere else, is there a chance that the fix can be done at SAI. I need a good excuse to drive down :)

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