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Lower grill


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I have installed a lower billet grill. I dont have any pics yet though. It isnt that hard to install, if you have the right tools. This is what I did:

Tools needed: I installed in my garage without jacking up the car. It really wont help to do so as there isnt alot of room. I also used a drill chuck from a small makita drill. I just used the chuck and the drill bit not the drill itself. You will need this to hand turn the chuck and bit through the hole from the backside.

Remove the honeycomb inserts on each side of the grill opening. These are where you would put the lower driving lights if they were ever to come out. The honeycomb inserts havd 2 tabs on the top and bottom of the insert. You can use a small flathead screwdriver to pop each tab out and carefully remove the insert. Take a good look at this vefore doing so you dont bust a tab off. Then take the grill and drill an extra hole on each tab. The grill I had only had 1 drill hole per tab. I felt it needed 2 and if you look at it you will as well. Then take a piece of string....kite or grade line....and run it through the grill about halfway in the width and about a third up from the bottom. Run it through and back out to the front facing you so that you have the 2 ends in your hand. I would make sure you have at least a foot and a half on each side of the string in your hand. Now slip the grill into the fascia. You will slip one side in and then the other. It only goes in from the front of the car. There is no room to do so from underneath. Now once you do that you will need one hand to do the hand drilling and one to hold the grill in place. Make sure the grill is centered and level where you want it. Once doing that this is where the string comes in. Take the string in your hand and pull gently towards you. You would be lying down in front of the car. Keep tension on the string. This will keep the grill in place and allow you a free hand. I had my son there to help but it was very difficult to hold this grill in place and attempt to drill even with him holding, hence the string idea. Anyway now that you are keeping the grill secured with the string, reach up in behind the fascia and feel around for the tab on the side of the grill. This would be the tab you drilled the extra holes in. Once you find it feel for the one of the holes. Now that you have found the hole you can remove your hand and carefully squeeze the drill chuck with drill bit back up in behind being careful not to snag the bit on anything and damage the paint or plastic. OInce your hand is up back again with the drill chuck what you want to do is get the bit in where the hole in the tab is. You will then hold onto the drill chuck firmly and carefully hand rotate and drill through the fascia. I know it sounds crazy but it isnt that hard. The fascia is made out of a soft plastic and yo will be able to drill the holes in no more than a minute each. You will see the bit start to stick through the fascia and can then usually push the rest through. Just be easy. What I did was get one hole on one side drilled and then inserted my stainless steel screw from the front side into the tab. They do use rivots at SAI I believe but I went and got painted SS screws and now I know the SOB isnt coming out. Once you have one screw in one side in place move to the other side and repeat. Once that is done the grill should be secure enough to stop holding the string and you can do the other two screws. I would recommend you have someone to hold the string if possible. I had my son hold it for most of the process.

Yes this does sound like a hack job but it wasnt and came out pretty good. I did this about half an hour before leaving for the Tasca Ford show in August and wasnt a big deal. Just read over these instructions several times and dry run what you will be doing before actually drilling holes. Make sure you are comfortable with this process. Make sure it makes sense to you. I am hoping I didnt miss anything and dont want anyone F'n anything up because I forgot a step. I bought painted black screws at the hardward store. I got home and then realized that behind my honeycomb inserts it was white and not black. I have a white car and should have realized it would be whiete there too. No big deal because the honeycomb covers snap back in place after install and you dont see the screws anyway. I also prefer screws because you have a better guage of it being tight and wont over clamp it like you can with a rivot. Just ask the service people rivoting hood scoops down ;) Anyway, I will try and get some pics of it in place tonight if I get home at a reasonable hour. GL :)

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