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Saw 4925 tonight


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Interestingly, a neighbor of mine just bought an SGT, #4925, black. But, get this, with a Roush Stage 1 package. He said 425 hp, which I found hard to believe with no S/C. I asked him what he paid in relation to MSRP, he said you can't get one of these anywhere near MSRP, I didn't break the news to him. Sounds like he loves the car, which is all that really matters. Shaker 1000 sounded great. I told him I'd ordered an automatic, he looked at me like I had 2 heads. But if I'd wanted a stick, I'd be waiting for a Super Snake instead of an SGT. Cool to have one just down the street, tho.

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Stage 1?


That's just the appearance package! Which would mean that the car looked NOTHING like an SGT. What a moron!




The Stage 3 is rated at 415HP by Roush and, at $21K, is easy to see with a quick opening of the hood.


Either he's a blow hard, an idiot, or his dealer lied to him.

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