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Ok Adam, you can quit bragging now. We all know you are out there hob-nobbing with the brass. ;)

You are taking those spy photos for us aren't you??? :ph34r:





Wish I was hanging with the brass, but I did have a great time hanging with the steel.


I did post new pics from the other day. Look in my picasa site.

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What? You mean you wern't in CS's office conducting business again?

You're slipping my friend.... :D


Not me, must have me confused with someone else. :P





Did CS ever sign your car?

After the heat stroke 8/25, I never thought to ask.


For reasons stated, unfortunately I did not get the signatures. :(




Heat stroke?? CS?? :o

Or is this an inside joke?


Nothing inside my friend.


At Tasca Day, it was about 93 degrees and about 95% humidity. Both Carroll and Bob Sr stuck it out for several hours. Then they had to leave for the airport in a rush. We were all pretty impressed as to how long they all stuck it out.




GOT THE PINS!!!!!!!!!!


Great news. Mine came in too. Can't wait to see them. Thanks again for the info.

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