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At A Stand Still?????????


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Hi Everyone, :)

Here are a couple of pics of the 65 Nova I am restoring into a hot rod.

Flat black when I purchased her and multi colored at the Paint shop. She will soon be 65 Corvette Blue, sorry for the word "Corvette" :angry: in my post.

I would like to know how you guys and gals are wasting your time as you wait for your 07 Shelby GT?










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I try to drive Adam's car as often as possible! :)




CLINK, great looking ride. Nice way to pass the time.


It was a big help taking 2 trips out to SAI. Some of us were able to drive our cars around while out there which was an increadbly huge help with the agonizing wait.

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I drove my 05 GT and pretended. I also went around to dealers and looked at other SGT cars. I posted more than 600 times to the web site as if in some group therapy program. I read the stories of other and the feelings they had when they first saw their car come off the truck. I looked in the garage at the empty spot a lot. Back then, had we had them, I would have put the diecast car as if it was holding the space. In short, I think we all found a way to get us through the wait. You have found yours, Adam collected more frequent flier milage, and some just developed a fixation with clicking the VIN Tracker. Make the most of your time now, it will all be taken up by driving later. Unless you're one of those garage queens you'll be looking for reasons to go for a drive. I put 1800 miles on the car in a month! Sunday mornings for me began to start at 6:30AM with a trip to Starbucks and a gas wasting 15 mile highway drive south then 15 miles back. Just the thing on a nice summer morning to the blood going! :)


You have much to look forward to!

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