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SGT Racing Strip Issue


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I noticed some rain spots on my strips. I tried to wipe them off but they were not budging! I then took the car to the dealer. He saw the spots were not coming off either and has ordered the strip kit from Ford. He tells me the paint and body shop will remove the old strips and put the new ones on. I also found out from the dealers inspection sheet that there were "some un-removalbe spots" on the racing strips.

It appears they may have been there since the car was delivered. I looked the car over pretty good before I accepted it but did not notice the spots. It also appears that with time the damaged surface of these strips finally and over a 3 week period of time decided to really show themselves. I really don't know how, why or when the spots got on the car. It does bother me that the dealer or at least the inspector knew they were there from the get go but failed to tell me!

My SGT is the Black with silver strips. Luckly the black paint is fine.

Has anyone else had any problems with these whitish, almost powder looking spots? Or better yet, has anyone ever had to have their racing strips removed and replaced? If so can you tell me how they removed the strips? Did the car come back "RIGHT?"



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If your dealer is trying to get the stripes through Ford or Ford Racing, you will not ever get them. You have to call the 800# in the supplemental Shelby manual that came with your car and setup the claim there.



I am having mine replaced as well ( stripe kit received from SAI, waiting for dealer to arrange install)


Stumpbreaker is correct...in addition, while Ford parts carries/sells similiar looking stripe kits, SAI uses a local nevada producer to make their stripe packages.

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