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Plenum and Fuel Rail covers


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Well, this project has gone a bit wrong for me.


The fuel rail covers do not fit Paxton/Shelby supercharged cars. The biggest problems are the relocated engine collant reservoir and the intercoller reservoir. I suppose you could heavily modify the covers and brackets to make it work but it would be a lot of cutting.


I was frustrated enough with the fuel rail covers that I didn't try fitting on the plenum cover today. Maybe tomorrow. I hope it works because I am very excited about my plans for the plenum cover.


In the meantime, I may be looking to unload the fuel rail covers and hardware. They are in perfect condition. It was obvious pretty quickly they wouldn't work with the supercharger parts so I didn't even try to slide them over the bolts. They are the midwest auto gear fuel rail covers. I chose black for the base and silver for the stripes. I will try posting pictures tomorrow. Anybody interested please let me know.

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Well, a little bit of relief today. The the plenum cover fits. I discover the strut brace probably sits a bit higher on a supercharged car. At least on the passenger side. There is a bracket that is attached to the bolts under the strut brace. There was no spacer or washers used on driver side but I will remedy that when the plenum cover returns. I am sending it out on Monday for phase 2.


Here are pictures of the fuel rail covers that don't fit on a supercharged car. The silver is an added option that you can get from midwest auto gear. I am going to call them on Monday. I doubt they will let me return them. If they don't or somebody wants to save on shipping and time please PM me.



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