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SGT drift.


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I am not a drifter but doesn't the "parking" brake work at the rear wheels. Isn't part of drifting (competition at least) to get the rear tires spinning and smoking through the course. Using the parking brake seems counter productive. Then again I prefer to drive hard on the straight, brake before the turn and accelerate out of the apex. Just my style. :P

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My son is into drifting so he will answer...


I don't know why you are interested in the E-brake method or why your asking at all, this really isn't the forum for it. Try scca drift, formula Drift, and nopi drift to get more information


Using the E-brake is the beginers method of drifting, Most think its counter productive but in reality its one of the easiest ways of drifting. When you pull the E-brake you must turn the steering wheel that way the rear wheels will lose traction once this happends punch the gas and hold the drift.


Another method is the faint entry (More advanced) This method is where you get up enough speed (around 55 to 80mph) turn the wheel one way then jurk it the other, this will create the rear tires to lose traction, again once this happends puch the gas and hold the drift.


One more method is going around a turn at a high rate of speed, pop the clutch and hold the drift.


Beware doing this on public streets because you might get hurt or hurt someone else, also you might get some unwanted attention from the police. If you want to drift where its legal contact one of those 3 organizations I mentioned above.


You asked if anyone drifts in a SGT I have yet to find one but here is Ken Gushi drifting his whippled GT500...



Here is Vaughn Gitten Jr drifting his vortec powered mustang...


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