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GT-H #112


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Just purchased #112 from a Ford dealer in Charlotte, NC. Paid 38K. Car has 13,150 miles. A CARFAX search seems to indicate the car went into rental service on 5/18/06 and was then reregistered on 7/20/06 as a private leased vehicle. The car was auctioned off 8/2/07 to the dealer. Does anyone remember renting this car in Florida. The auction was in Cassleberry, FL.


This car's condition is exceptional. Not one door ding. I had a paint depth check made and another dealer inspected the car. All original paint. The fron guards have been damaged but not enough to has the bumper replaced. A good plastics mech should be able to repair. Stripes have the normal wear. As usual, the hood pins are ugly, but Shelby has replacements. I ran a white rag over the engine compartment but got very little gunk! Looks like the engine compartment was waxed - everywhere! Even the gas filler looks lke new.


I rented one in Tampa last year and vowed to buy one. I have had over 40 Mustangs and this is one of the best. My first was a neew 1969 Mach I 428 SCJ with Drag Pac. This car is better in my opinion. The Mach would go fast straight but would not stop or run the twisties.


I will buy the convertible when it goes on auction. Expect to pay over 100K.

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