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She's Home (Red Virginia Coupe)

500HP GT

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That thing is beautiful. It sure makes me glad I chose red/white with red inserts in interior. I sure wish it would hurry and get here. I was supposed to have it two weeks ago. :banghead: Enjoy yours! Great pics man! :rockon::woohoo: :happy feet: :bandance:

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Will do, '07 Shelby!


This one is staying tucked in at night but unleashed every chance I get.


:shift: :bandance: :happy feet: :party:



Oh yeah, that MPG thing.


So, My NEXT car will be a PRIUS.





500, I live in virginia too. damn thought I would be the first in virginia! congrats mine should have been here 3 weeks ago.

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Congrats, awesome, and what a great color combo. Bet it feels great being the first in your state to get one! Enjoy. :shift:



On a side note and not to take away from your glory

P.S. Amongst my travels (for my job) I found out from another Indiana dealer that the fourth Shelby went to Bill Ford himself (known fact because they had his Shelby, a GT40 and a few other new model vehicles, (can't remember them all right now... as they were shown on the photo in the dealership )

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Hey there, bill0754!


Drives like a dream!


The first stop from the dealer was to see my friend and mechanic, Eric, who has worked on all my cars for several years. He is in his mid-60's, and worked at a GM dealer when my 65 Olds Cutlass was a pup. He has driven everything. Anyway, like I said, Eric knows cars, loves cars, etc. So I hand him the keys and we take his favorite "test drive" route (the route he takes to check out a car he has just fixed). Anyway, he was giddy! I heard several *giggles!* I am not kidding. He loved it. And so do I, needless to say.


Clutch is not too heavy at all, but just needs getting used to. The whistle of the super charger is music!




Sounds awesome!! I hope you have a lot of fun with her. Mine should be here this coming week....I entend to park her next to my 1970 Mach 1



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