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Is the lower grill opening supposed to be like this?


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OK so I decided to work on my car a bit more tonight and try to get the fascia to fit better against the seems and figured I'd put in the lower grill since I finally got it (no instructions). Well, the grill doesn't fit. The upper part of the lower opening as it wraps inward sags down quite a bit. It looks like it's supposed to be this way as it is evenly shaped but there is no way the grill fits in there not to mention when I finally stripe it that seems like a bit more bumper that will show then normal.







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I know mine doesn't look like that.....


Go through the gallery section and you will find a few front views of the CS6 / CS8 fascia




No, none of the others I have seen in pictures look like this. I guess I am going to need to call SAI about it unless someone from there reads this and responds. It came like that and I didn't realize it was an issue until I finally got my grill.

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