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Hard Driving


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I am a proud new owner of the 2006 Mustang GT. I am new to the Mustang world

and I need to know if I might be driving the car to hard. I live in a area where there is no-one on the highways and very few police patrols . I drive the car on the highway at an adverage speed of 190-200

kms per hour. I also like to hammer down on the pedal through first and second gear so I sit back in

my seat. I have been doing this frequently since I bought the Stang and there are about 13 000kms on the Stang now. I need to know if this is being to hard on the car. Can this car handle a little abuse, and

I also need to know if red lineing the car at times is hard on the car.


I need a Stang doctor to provide me with some information on what the car has for limits and what

it can handle. Please someone set my mind at ease. Response's can be emailed to me at


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