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Please Help! 427Cobra?


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I have a "1967 Cobra". But im not sure what exactly it is? the VIN appears to be (very old and partly corroded) FUGFUT-74083. first character could be E. sixth character could be Y. Stamp says Ford Werke Western Germany. Body is aluminum. But hood doesnt open forward like the old Shelbys.

Im assuming it is an AC cobra since its made in germany.


Any information would greatly help.



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Iam not sure what you have there, could you post some more photos or email them to me. An original Cobra body was made by AC cars in England, not Germany.A Shelby Cobra would have a Vin number starting with the letters CSX. Let me think about what you may have, Hopefully something really cool and rare. B) Mark. markymarkhw@aol.com

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