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Slow train to Georgia?


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Maybe they are really driving it to you and taking all the back roads!!


Enroute to Shelby not me ilmor. I've been a truck driver for 35 yrs. and if i took that long to get from Flatrock Michigan to Vegas i would have been in the unemployment line. <_<

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It's WAY too early in the process for you to start b*tchin! The fun has only started!





Oh i know Matt. I'm a truckdriver and used to own a couple of big trucks. Eight days from Flatrock to Vegas would have put me in the hole. Doesn't make any difference now though, it's there. :D



Man, I hope you didn't get any mods or from the previous track record of some of the guys here, you should get your 2007 about the time the new 2009's are announced! :lol:



Stump, you really know how to lift a guy's spirit. :lol: and yes i did, the lower grill insert with the driving lights.

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