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Best kept secret. Why?


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I just finished reading the wonderful article that was posted by Stump Breaker about Amy and the incredible turn-around at SAI, but it got me wondering. With all the great things that are happening why is the SGT not advertised? Most Ford dealers that I have been to don't know much about them. I was shocked myself when I began looking at the forums on the 'net that this has been going on for sometime.


Like many on the boards I have pined for a Shelby for years and get so excited reading about them and looking at them I want to rush right out and get one. I am doing my best to get my finances in order so I will be able to keep it once I get it. Again, I come back to the point as to why Ford doesn't push this? If you look on the dealers site you can't even pick the 54U upfitters option on "build your own mustang".


Anyway, I think that if Ford had been behind this more the second run of SGT's would have equaled the first. Too bad there is such a great product made by a struggling American car company and it would be something to last through the ages like the Shelbys of the 1960's.

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One way to look at it is that it is the "hidden gem". And you have valid points on the knowledge of the sales staff and advertising.


The Amy article is inspiring. It bodes well for the future of SAI. She has assembled a terrific staff. They all make it happen. It's a passion for the brand. You can't dulpicate that.

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