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Front Seat Side-Mounted Air Bags


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Just curious if y'all are ordering (or have ordered) your GT's with this option? It's obviously a safety feature. Just curious if anyone has a reason NOT to order it.





I didn't order it because I don't need nothing messing with my seats....or the expense...Airbags are over rated and I think that this technology is error prone...

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My Monty SS has side seat air bag I wish it did not. The leather of the seat and the trim peice iaround the aid bag is always seperating. Chevy has repaced the air bag twice and the seat cover three times. It is a big pain in the :censored:


I hope my Shelby will not have this problem.



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I ordered them on my '07.

-Chip in SC



Hey, what is the 18" Fan Blade option in your sig? I haven't seen that before.


Evilchris? You know about this?


I'm ordering without the side airbags but really only because I may change the seats later on.

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