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You might just as well as how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop!


1. Car is coming

2. Car is here

3. Car is has left the building


I wish it was:


1. Car coming

2. Car here

3. Car scheduled

4. Car in progress

5. Car complete

6. Car shipped


But hey....

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:( ive got some mods comming, the only really big ones being the 20x9 black razors and the all mighty baer brake upgrade, hopefully it wont be too long they seem to be crankin em out these days even mattchicago got his today i hear...what is the world comming to? :D and now, the wait... :mellow:
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so, for the past two weeks when I put in my VIN it says arrived at Shelby. what are the other steps? is the only other step shipped? will it say "mod shop" or something along those lines? thanks guys.


What mods are you lucky enough to be getting? :)


EDIT: Just read your post so thanks for the answer!

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The mods will slow it down for sure. Seems the process is to shelbyize..and then get in the back of the line for the mods. It you really want the mods you will need to be very patient...129 days and waiting here...with one minor mod. Steve

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