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GT500 in Matteson Illinois this Saturday (7/22/)


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Just got off the phone with the advertising agency that is doing the "road show" for the Shelby. Here's the poop. They're in Chicago on Friday doing TV, print and radio interviews. They'll be on Fox early....6:30-7:30 is the timeframe.


On Saturday, the local Mustang club has made arrangements to have the car at Sutton Ford in Matteson (south of Chicago on I-57) from noon til 2p. They're giving rides, as time allows.


My wife told me I couldn't go since ours is supposed to be at the dealer in a week and she wants ours to be the first one we see (other than the Chicago auto show this past spring). Hey....I'll humor her...I get the car, so I'd better humor her!! The REAL pisser is that my office is literally across the street from Fox. I'll be able to look out and see it but to keep my promise, I'll not walk over. Ah, the compromises we make! The tour car is white with blue stripes.





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