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Loved his Shelby, Died in his Shelby

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I am writing to tell you a story of my brother who just passed away. He got his 1989 Dodge Shelby charger when he was 16, unable to drive the car because of no licences it sat in the drive way. for 2 years he would brag about it , work on it ,and admire it. he would often sit in it and dream of driving it. finally the day came when he got his licences. he could drive hes dream car. to him the wait was worth it. he loved his car more then anthing , He loved it more anyone could love there car. but it hurts me to say, a few days after he got his licences he was out riding in the charger after work on a rainy night. going a little fast for a wet road he did not make the corner. he hit driver side first into a poll. the car was turned into a ball of tin. my poor brother was hit hard. he was rushed to the hospital, the paramedics had him listed as DOA, he was in the hospital two days to see if at all there was any brain activity left. sadly what was left was nothing strong enofe to be my brother so sadly they let him pass on. In my eyes he died doing what he loved, driving, and in his cool car.

I am sorry for the bad news, i just feel sharing this story with you other Shelby owners or fans would help.


Thank you for reading





We love you Jeff

1989 - 2007







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