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Tungsten Gray Shelby GT Clone????


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Here is "Butch". My new '07 Tungsten Gray Mustang GT. First absolutely brand new car I have ever bought. Only one week old, he and I won the Fun Ford Weekend race at Houston Raceway Park in the Ultra Stang class. As some of you may know, I used two GT-H cars last year to win two races and lock up the U/S championship so I'm very partial to the Shelby name.


Just wondering what you guys thought about adding the Shelby stuff to the car and having a Tungsten Gray Shelby GT roaming the country winning races? Let me know what you think.







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I've seen one with white stripes roaming around the Houston area. The white stripes really don't look good with the Tungsten. That's just me of course. I was thinking of doing the Shelby stripes in Dark Charcoal instead of black since most of the gray or silver cars have black stripes.


Figured the side stripes would say "SHELBY GT-SD". Hey Amy....what do you think? ;)


And for those who have asked privately.....yes, that is Darth Vader in the cupholder. B)

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