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Hood Pin Mounting


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Did I mount my hood pins wrong? The pins are vertical, but the hood tapers, so I had to drill out the holes more like an oval so that the hood would close and open properly. But this means that I will also have to drill out the Face Plates that cover the pins more. Did I mess up on something? There were no instructions on mounting the pins.











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Hi Michael,



It looks like you have done them right. On that type of hood, it will look like that. Place the hood plate down on the hood (hood closed) and make sure you have enough space around the pin. If not, you may need to open up the hole in the plate a little more. Once you like they way the plae sits, mark each hole, then drill it for the screws. After you are done, and if the pin seems too high, adjust it down a bit.



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Okay, thanks bud. It just seemed like the hood pins are supposed to be tapered like the hood, I'm just glad I didn't drill the hood incorrectly. I did put the plate down and it does need cut quite a bit, but luckily I have a drill press so it won't be too bad. I am going to take off the old bumper and test fit the CS6 tomorrow.

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