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Looking for 65' style louvers


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I have been searching far and wide for a set of quarter window louvers for my SGT that are just like the ones used in the 65" fastbacks with the functional vents. All i have found so far is either the scoops or the louvers that stick out from the side of the car. I would like the flush look and the functionality of the older style louvers. I have seen pictures of 05'+ year mustangs with them and one of the pictures was in a Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords mag but it was in an ad for wheels. I guess i don't even know if they really exist for the newer mustangs, and if they don't i probably would go with the scoops before the other style of louvers. Has anyone seen or know of where to get some louvers like the old style??

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Speedy, when I was going through the whole "quarter window" option thing, I found lots of sites that have the scoops. A few simple Google searches will get you to several choices. Plus, pick up any Mustang magazine and you'll find lots of vendors there too.


Jason at Hillbank Motors can help you too. They are an authorised Shelby dealer and have access to several other vendors as well.


Finally, do two searches on this forum: one for "Hillbank" and one for "Louvers" and you'll find lots of info.


Besides, you never know, maybe SAI will have these as options some day. If so, I'd wait for them.

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