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Shelby GT on Dyno


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I used to track dynoruns that folks would post online.


I'd keep track in a spreadsheet and found that stock manual GTs averaged 270rwhp and 288 rwtq on a dynojet.


Assuming that the Shelby GT was a manual and tested on a dynojet, then it would appear that this particular SGT has 9 more rwhp and 11 more rwtq than the average manual mustang GT

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.....That adjust to about 328HP. That is the second car I have seen between 325-330. So much for the it's only 19 HP beef.



I noticed they went through 4 gears. Is 4th a 1:1 ration on a Mustang tranny? I was under the assumption 3rd was 1:1 and when you dyno'ed you do not go into the OD gears.

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