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Once the GT's get to Shelby for their transformation, how many cars are completed a day and how do you know what # your car is? The last 6 digits on my car is 311255. Thanks in advance.



How many per day is information that has never been, as far as I know, released. I've seen estimates of 60 per day based upon the total production and the number of estimated production days, etc., but these are math exercises and not based on anything.


As for your VIN, that has no correlation to the CSM number and isn't known until the car exits production.


BTW: Your VIN which I assume is:




Does not yet show up on the VIN tracker. Do you have a build date? To give you an idea...my car was built the week of March 9th and is STILL in transit to SAI. Once it arrives you're looking at 4-6 weeks from what I see quoted here.

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