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My car arrive at SAi on Jan 16 - VIN 1zvht82h675286457 Its been there 23 days. Does SAI modifications usually take this long? I ready in the forum the mods should take 2-3 weeks. Please advise




It depends on a bunch of things, in the beginning when production was first started there were around 900 cars on the lot. The person who said thier mods took 2-3 weeks might have had thier car arrive on the lot jan 2nd and were number 25 to arrive and one of the first ones to be modified, while your car arriving later on might have been the 900th car meaning that all of the cars that arrived before you needed to be finished first.



make sense??

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Cars are being done in order of their arrival, many cars arrived before the parts. also there was a delay in the CA cars due to the Carb certificate. So, All are being shipped and we are back on track




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