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Getting a bit jacked up again, excitment is building...


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A week ago I posted about how my frustration was building and my excitement was a bit dimished.


It's coming back.


It all boils down to communication, and a dealer that wants to help you.


Bottom line - the communication that FORD has had on this car to the dealers has been pathetic. This can be compounded by a poor dealer.


I likely pounded on Shelby a bit too much, as they are doing their job and really, Shelby shouldn't be the ones in charge of communication - Ford should.


I was pissed about the black wheel change. I still am a bit, as black with polished was killer. However this really sounds like a Ford decision, and it was noted in a dealer pack. I was working with 2 dealers. The second (and one I just purchased from) had that information available.


I was pissed about the front bumper change to unpainted. While I am bummed a bit, and while this was found out at a later point in time after I ordered a white car, the bumper itself is the same. I was told mistakenly by one dealer it was a different bumper and no paint. It's just no paint. I wish it were painted, but oh well.


The pricing confusion - again dealer specific, and Ford.


Ultimately, after talking with a couple folks at Shelby, they are quite helpful. Dealers, well, they are all different. Ford.. well, I know this is a low, low volume car, likely to not do much $$$ wise for them. However, Ford needs to realize this can be an opener back to their products for some of us.


So... hopefully I have my car by May!!! I purchased it today, all paperwork etc.

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