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Ok, my dad calls me up and wants to order one tomorrow.


Now, we would like to add things like the super charger and other upgrades. I have read in the posting that these cannot be completed until the mod shop is opened in march, correct? That is ok with us as we want to get everyting from shelby at the factory.


Now, how do we add the supercharger to the car and possibly some other options like the guages and brakes? I am guessing that once the dealer has a VIN # for the car we can call Shelby and add the upgrades?


Also, if we want to keep the old parts I would guess that simply calling Shelby and giving them the VIN will enable them to keep the parts for us?


Finally, I understand that they cannot ship the car back to the dealer if the supercharger is installed and that is ok. I would much rather go to Vegas and pick the car up. Do we need to state this to the dealer or is this arranged through Shelby also?


Sorry for all the questions but the dealers seemed stumped on ordering these.


Ordering a black one, I think it will look good in the garage next to our 1969 Mach 1 - Acapulco Blue.

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I'll try to answer brief but your best bet may be to call SAI and ask for John Walker. He is very cool and enthusiadtic about the cars.


Yes if you want the supercharger and some other performance parts you have to pick it up at SAI. Having to wait until March for the mod shop seems to have been a rumor the Mrs. Boylan try to really end. However, dealing with my car at SAI already, I think they are still waiting for some parts and details on others. Just a feeling. Also, as far as my car I told my salesperson about my plans for the Museum delivery and mods. She called and arranged things but I also followed up. As far as parts, I am told they are returning parts. in fact John and I had a conversation about that I would have to trailer my car home simply to truck the parts home. He mentioned they could ship but I am sure that would be exspensive. Lastly, I would call right away if you want the Museum delivery. Otherwise your car may wind up on a truck. Good Luck and talk about your mods and car on the below thread.





OK, so it wasn't brief.



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