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Looking for Certain CSM for Shelby GT # is it possible?!


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The quickest way to get response is to call Shelby Autos directly @ 702-942-7325 or use the "contact us" link on their site. http://www.shelbyautos.com/contactus1.asp


The first car I've seen not already customer pre-sold and offered by a dealer, is CSM 07SGT0073, which is up for bids on E-Bay from a Ford Dealer out of Kansas City, MO

See this post for details and a link to the listing-> http://forum.shelbyautos.com/index.php?showtopic=655


It's likely that #61 it's already in someone's garage. If the order is such that Shelby can tell the difference between a customer order and one ordered for dealer stock, they may be able to tell you what dealer has it if Ford doesn't prohibit that.


Wish you the best of luck man!

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