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Hello- I am a new forum member from SOCAL -



I just wanted to share with everyone my strategy in getting a Shelby Gt @ or below MSRP- I started contacting dealerships in rural parts of my state, dealerships that I know sell more trucks than cars. I, as most of you have done had to do a little educating as to what this car was, but when I was done I found several dealers (over 10) who would sell me this car for MSRP- which out the door with a few goodies seems to be 42k. I have a white one and a black one reserved at BELOW MSRP- I will have to decide soon.



one question also - FORD seems to say 10 thousand cars or less- I wonder if they will make more if the original 6k sell quick.


Good luck to everyone.

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I too got mine at msrp. actually had a great dealer experience. In fact the manager who wrote my deal up is a vintage mustang fan and has i believe a 68 - He said he is only getting three total.


I think based on what i have read on this forum that i should expect delivery some time in early March.

Car was built today at Ford in Michigan. History says it takes two weeks from build date until it arrives in Vegas, i then tacked on a 6 week wait from there.

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