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Good news? - $500.00 to ship direct to you


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I talked to John the other day at SAI and he had mentioned it looks like for $500.00 we will be able to have the cars shipped direct to us in the event we have engine mods done.


Not dirt cheap but an option. I'm really torn on the Supercharger. I want a SC on mine, it would be a stretch to get it all done at once, but I like the idea of having all the work done at Shelby.


I hope we soon here more information about the tune that will be put on it. Specifically - can we get that tune sent to us in the event our car goes in for service and it gets set back to stock? I've heard some dealers will put the computer back to baseline if it goes in for service. A major bummer.


I hope there will be some way to get that tune sent to us if we have an issue like that.


Furthermore, I hope we hear about shipping the stock hoods back to us if we do a different hood (still debating if I like the riveted on fake scoop).


I'm glad to hear that Shelby is working through these issues though.


I know I could get a Paxton installed locally for less, especially when that shipping is added in. But, the idea of a warranty etc is appealing.


If someone from SAI reads this, it would be great to learn if we will be able to obtain a copy of the tune from shelby if we need to restore it at some point.



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If it is $500 to ship directly to you, I would JUMP ON THAT!!!!!

Do you realize how cheap that is relative to other shippers? That would be a sweet deal. Just get a quote from some of the other car shippers and you will see how low that is. :)


I AGREE!!!!! The $500. deal that SAI put together for shipping your modded car to your home is, in my opinion, a wonderful deal. I have already checked on pricing to the East Coast and $500 is well below any quotes I have received.


Picture this..... I await the truck as it pulls up in front of my home while the driver carefully unloads my Shelby GT.. I get goose bumps, just thinking about it !

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