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Shelby GT pics


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My wife and I visited SAI yesterday and had a great time. We took the tour and then visited with SAI John. It was nice to see how excited he is for his job and what they are producing. Thanks John! I took some pics of the cars waiting for conversion and the white one in the museum. Best Regards, Ross




This one was driving by!!!









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.......hmm, good catch, I am thinking about it but I think I like it black, especially since the stripes didn't extend to the spoiler on the prototype. Also, I would think that would be a bad place to have white paint on a car that is going to be driven (debris chipping).

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I really don't care for that side emblem it looks to (for the lack of a better word) wimpy. I wish they came out with something more aggressive looking JMO


I disagree, the emblem is the same as the one put on the original Cobra and I love it!! It looks very nice in person. Ross

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