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Carroll Shelby signed dash!!


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Hey everybody, I just got my upper dash back from (CSSF) Carroll Shelby's Children Foundation.

I sent it out on Dec. 4th next day service to Gardena, CA. The certificate shows he signed it on the 12th of Dec. and I got got today UPS ground here in Wisconsin. What I did was removed the the 4 screws from the lower glove box, then I could get access to the 2 screws that hold the passenger side airbag Assembly.

From there I unplugged the connector from the airbag assembly. then very carefully popped the upper front dash assembly using the small screwdriver. Once you remove the dash including the airbag assembly that's mounted in the back. Just one by one, using the small screwdriver pop each clip holding the airbag together to the back of the upper dash face plate. Its very simple task. Once you remove the airbag assembly you just have a dash face that is a size of CPU keyboard. Which is perfect for shipping. This is what I sent to (CSCF) to be signed. This was a $200.00 (TAX DEDUCTIBLE) donation. All car parts to be signed by Shelby ask for a $200.00 donation. All other items, i.e. T-shirts, model cars, hats etc... ask for a $100.00 donation. Go to the website in the links section of the SHELBYMUSTANG Yahoo Group to read more about it. I posted pics!!!! So go to the Yahoo Group to see my interior of my Stang!!! -FB

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