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With all the discussions here about ADM's - I got to thinking (!). Sorry.


Does anyone remember when the last versions of the Cobras came out - or the Mach 1's - and how the ADM's worked then?


I remember in '03 - most people were paying above MSRP for Mach 1's - then six months later - Ford gave rebates! (I bought my '03 Mach for $4k under MSRP in Sept of '03)


I'm just trying to get a handle on what we can expect based more on past performance than instincts.


Since the Shelbys have just started to trickle down - the stealerships have the upper hand. But - how long will that last?



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From what I recall, the ADMs on Cobras lasted until the winter months in Indiana. Once the snow hit, the car sales slowed down and the ADMs dropped. They stayed sticker until early summer '03. I think the Shelby will last a little longer, but, it depends on how quickly Ford gets them out.

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