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Leap of Faith (orders Placed)


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Placed an order yet?


I made the leap of faith and have placed an order for a Shelby GT. The dealer wrote MSRP=selling price on the order form so I'm hoping for the best. Several dealers I spoke with are already stating 10K over MSRP.

But, I also found out that they had not talked to many people yet about the car. I was the 1st one in several cases. Also, 1 dealer thought a GT500 and the Shelby GT were the same car...duh.


I have to admit it is a "Leap of Faith" to order a car without knowing the 54U ( Shelby upfiiters package) option price or how much I will pay or what the actual Shelby options are that will be available to order. I know I want a , CS6 hood, 20" Shelby razors, a supercharger( hopefully whipple), Las Vegas pickup and probably ALL of the Shelby add-on goodies that are on this web site. However, I can add those items as I go along if the MSRP gets too high.

Of course, ;);) a roll bar, tri-Y headers, exhaust exit before the rear wheels and a rear seat delete option would be nice also.


Whether or not all placed orders so far will be "allocated" (ala Ford lanuguage) is a big question. I heard that this week some dealers were told they were getting "1" car.....is that initial allocation or ????


Feel free to check in on orders placed. I'm sure others will like to hear your expereinces.



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