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Shelby grille insert


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I know I read someone on here was doing this, Anyone have any info on it please? I wrote "contact us" at the ordering site twice but no reply................ knock knock, anyone home ;)



the answer is yes to both



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Hi Amy,

I remember reading that instructions did not come with the grille and I think someone said they would post them or something like that

You said the answer is yes to both, but what about the 3rd question, Is there cutting involved? Happy Thanksgiving BTW

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You "DaMan" Rich......Thank you!




I just ordered the parts (grille and lights) could you tell me how the ordering system works as far as a time table goes, I was going to order more parts but most are not available yet so, I'll wait. I have an idea about your shopping cart link, I am wondering if you could add a feature to save the shopping cart so we can add to it as we have time to search and shop, I have all the links saved but it would be a lot easier to save them all on one page, I'm no web master so I'm really not sure how it works. I have shopped the web many times, I use the Apple store often for my computer components and they have a great way of saving your shopping cart for a later date to finalize the transaction. ......Just an idea. Thanks again for the PDF


This is the Apple store I use incase your wondering what I was so unable to explan intelligently


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I really like your parts store, placed an order yesterday. Would be nice if you were set up to take credit card info and ship to/bill to info.


That parts store of Shelby stuff is just to cool, I noticed a group purchase for the under hood dress up, does that come with or without the Shelby logo.


The day after I ordered each part seperately, a group price came up. I want my stuff with the Shelby logo though. It is not clear if the individual items with Shelby Logo are the same as the group priced items.



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