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Mustang GT conversion

Robert Doukakis

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Is there a possibility of a future kit to convert already manufacturerd Mustang Gts to Shelby GT or GTH spec. cars?



We are currently working on parts right now. So if you wanted your mustang to look like another model it could. we already sell the Gt-H hood and fascia. email ted @ tedk@shelbyautos.com



he will help you




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I just placed a pretty good order for the new Shelby GT options for the under hood dress up with logo, arm rest, door sill, and am thinking about the Shelby Lettering across the rear.


I own an 05 GT that has been babied and garaged with very low miles, I have an order placed for a black Shelby. It occurred to me, that it is cheaper to add the parts from a really great Shelby after market list and save the extra money.


What does everyone else think. Also if you are checking in AMY, is it going to be possible to buy the Shelby Strip Kit at some point?


My question, if you buy your parts from Shelby and they are all Shelby OEM, do you have a Shelby Mustang or just a Mustang with Shelby parts?

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